Changing Tac

WotH Writers Writing

by Sally-Claire Fadelle

Blu Tac solves problems over and above what it professes to do on the pack!  Why I had always thought it merely held my Roger Dean posters firmly in place without leaving a trace on either wall or poster.

My husband, however, managed to fit our entire kitchen using Blu Tac oh and the curtain rail in the lounge!  But his best use of Blu Tac by far was on our eldest’s tricycle wheels which were fixed, er firmly, to the axle with Blu Tac!    Did he not love our son I had mused at the time. 

A stroke of genius by a rival company called to me, 

“UHU … can now get White Tac.” 

I suggested to my husband that he try it on plugs and in fact anything electrical in the house especially the cooker that needed looking at.  I justified this on the basis as it was White Tac it would not show and also that it would give the fool something to do whilst the children and I were away at my Mother’s.  Predicting how he would of course test the cooker afterwards I felt this was a fine example of  a woman’s intuition.

…..  Blu Tac and White Tac mark both posters and walls;  the packet lies but after the house fire I had to get new Roger Dean posters anyway and this time I framed them;  yet another problem solved!

© Sally-Claire Fadelle