Writers on the Heath Logo

Writers on the Heath are a friendly community group of individual writers looking to inspire and support each other in finding our voices, improving our technique and reaching the audience we want.

Our Meeting Format

The approach we usually take is:

  • We select a theme in advance and invite each member to bring 200 words to the meeting, then give everyone (who wants to) a minute to read their text to the group and invite constructive comment.
  • At each meeting, if anyone wants to read out a longer excerpt of 400-500 words in 4-5 minutes
    then please contact the organiser in advance.
  • We then usually do some writing exercises in line with any challenges that we might be facing as writers.
  • The organiser welcomes any suggestions for tips and briefings that can be used in subsequent meetings.

As far as possible within the group, we are looking to work as creatively as we can together.

Our Rules  (The Code of the Wordsters)

As we become a larger, more public group, we will be looking to continue trusting each other with our ideas.

Even so, it is probably time for us to put in place a few rules of conduct:

  • We all respect the integrity and originality of each other’s work.
  • We draw inspiration from each other’s other creativity, but will never directly copy any text or ideas from any members of the group.
  • We accept that we all have different backgrounds and lifestyles, which we will respect.
  • We may differ in our opinions, but will always explain any differences in a spirit of respect and co-operation.
  • Our comments will be limited to constructive support for our creative endeavours and we will refrain from making any personal comments to which someone might respond negatively.

Any other suggestions are always welcome … we are free-thinking, free-spirited writers after all.

Contact: [email protected]