A Writers Group for Everyone

Our next monthly meeting will be at 7:30pm on Friday 15th November 2019, (as usual it’s the third Friday of the month). Why not come along?

If you want to bring  a few words (150-200) with you (it’s optional!), then the suggested prompt words this month are  “PRECISELY and VAGUE”.  You can interpret it any way you like – and it’s fun to see how differently work diverges from that starting (or ending) point.

You can also find the following month’s words (and meeting dates) on our facebook page – at facebook.com/writersontheheath

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Writers on the Heath meet in at Haywards Heath Library in Mid Sussex (halfway between London and Brighton) to practise techniques, develop characters and inspire one another to write.

Writers meeting up
Writers on the Heath - Haywards Heath Map

Half Way Between London & Brighton

Our base for Writers on the Heath is in the library in Haywards Heath and members range from beginners, students and budding authors right through to musicians, journalists, poets, business owners, public speakers and comedy writers. Even a mainstream publisher sits in.

Formed in early 2015

Writers on the Heath was officially formed in the summer of 2015 by a bunch of friends with similar interests but who all shared the common goal, desire and interest of getting their masterpieces out there: recognised, published or in print.

Helping to Inspire Each Other

We have all learnt from the best but when we first started most of us hadn’t even written anything down, let alone thought about how to get our works to market.
Since then, through regular writing exercises and constructive feedback, many of us have been inspired to self-publish, write flash fiction or create genius comedy scripts achieving this through blogs, podcasts and conventional publishing.

Or if you want to simply come along and experience Writers on the Heath for yourself we meet at Haywards Heath Library on the third Friday of every month at 7.30pm.

When you arrive just come in through the back door off Oaklands Road, Haywards Heath. We look forward to meeting you.

For more information about Writers on the Heath group in general please like us on Facebook or contact us via email on [email protected]