Building a New World

WotH Writers Writing

by Tom Harper

From the ashes of nuclear fire, our civilisation was born, the greatest and only hope for humanity.  We are the sky, we are the Earth, we are Tiandi, the Celestial Empire. Surrounded by the hostile wastes and the threats from the galaxy, the Son of Heaven, the Celestial Emperor, guides the human race to its destiny to destroy the barbarian hordes from without and those who would deviate from within.  His eyes and ears dot the empire, whether it be in a busy noodle stand in the bustling heart of the Northern Capital or a far- flung hamlet in the Eurasian wastes. Soaring into the skies, humanity now resides in pagoda complexes, their pointed tips seemingly stabbing into the eyes of the celestials above them.  

In our society, there is only one law: follow the Dao.  The Dao is the way, the Dao is life. After all, you do not want to deviate from it, for deviants will always be subject to its desires, whether they try to free themselves or not, for the Dao is also fate.  Our armies of billions march under the banner of the Yellow Dragon, taking back what previous civilisations had foolishly lost eons ago. This course has been determined by the Dao and we are fated to succeed.  Anyone or anything who dares to obstruct this will be crushed not only by our arms but by fate itself.