Rock Metal Vibration

Apr 4, 20202 min read
by Paul Davey As the band swept into the middle eight the pounding riff shook the air around the audience. Like a single frenzied organism it pulsed with every rock heartbeat. Having whipped up the crowd Jeff held his pose at the mic stand and caught his breath.  His larynx still shrieked, in a silent echo of his high pitched …

You’ve Got Mail

Mar 28, 20202 min read
by Jenna Wimshurst Are you sad, lonely and desperate? Sucks to be you! But that’s beside the point… I’m writing to tell you that you need to go online dating! You know that film You’ve got mail? Well, online dating is a lot like that, but also it’s nothing like that, so I’m going to give you a bit of …

Just Desserts

Mar 21, 20201 min read
by Robert Sanders Oh Victoria, let me beclair. Donut be croissant, you are the creme de la creme.I roux the day I met you and  I am not worthy to kiss your choux. I am so fond, ant I would walk a mille feux you. I know I am a pain, aux raisin to despair. I am not so vanilla, …

Changing Tac

Mar 15, 20202 min read
by Sally-Claire Fadelle Blu Tac solves problems over and above what it professes to do on the pack!  Why I had always thought it merely held my Roger Dean posters firmly in place without leaving a trace on either wall or poster. My husband, however, managed to fit our entire kitchen using Blu Tac oh and the curtain rail in …

Lessons from UCLA Film School

Mar 9, 20202 min read
We had one of our best sessions with Gary Sutton, a graduate of the School of Theater, Film and Television at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Following his graduation, he forged a career in Hollywood acquiring film, video and TV rights for the territory of South Korea before returning to mid-Sussex and taking up copywriting. So what, for …

Building a New World

Mar 9, 20202 min read
by Tom Harper From the ashes of nuclear fire, our civilisation was born, the greatest and only hope for humanity.  We are the sky, we are the Earth, we are Tiandi, the Celestial Empire. Surrounded by the hostile wastes and the threats from the galaxy, the Son of Heaven, the Celestial Emperor, guides the human race to its destiny to …

Website Update

Mar 9, 20201 min read
We are going to be adding more content to the website, both tips and links, and posts of some of the best writing from our members. Look out for new posts every so often on the posts page or see the links to the sub categories writings or tools & tips.

Lindfield Arts Festival – this weekend!

Sep 21, 20181 min read
We’re at the Lindfield Arts Festival on Saturday 22nd! Do come and join us if you can. We’re part of the main literary programme in a big pink tent on the common: There are some great writers as you will see, and we’re running two writing workshops at 11:30 (for kids) and at 5:00 (for grown-ups) … it’d be great …

Meeting Reminder!

Sep 12, 20181 min read
Hi everyone, We’re meeting this Friday, the 14th at 7:30pm in the library. We’ve come forward a week because the following Saturday, the 22nd, we’re at the Lindfield Arts Festival … just posted details on our facebook page! We’re running two workshops, at 11:30 and 17:00 on ‘ready, steady, write‘, first for children, then for everyone … brilliant template from …

Next Writers On The Heath Meeting

Sep 4, 20181 min read
Will be on Friday Nov 23rd. The time, as usual is from 7:30pm in Haywards Heath library – we finish about 9pm. PLEASE NOTE: this is the week after our usual schedule of the third Friday in the month. If you want to bring some writing (200-250 words) with you, the suggested topic words are Raven Ballet Bust Use them …

A Writing Opportunity!

Jul 24, 20181 min read
Cuckfield Dramatic Society are  looking for comedy sketches for next February on a loose theme of “Dinner” . Sketches for their “February Frolics” are usually up to about 10 minutes long – frequently much shorter, and have only carry on props & furniture as opposed to any special set. The cast is usually a few people – but monologues or …