Extra Session

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But at 7:30pm on Thursday 7th, we’re having an extra (online) session to support some updates on the website and specifically to gather more for the tips section, we’d like to feature what you think really matters.

The Zoom Meeting Details

Here is the meeting link

So could you bring along your favourite quote and your favourite tip on writing?
With a brief explanation of what each of the two means to you. 
We can then use them on the website … with a link to you and your writing.

Alternatively, you could just send them to me by email … tho it’d be great to hear what you all have to say!

Look after yourselves, keep writing, talk soon

The next regular online meeting will be 7:30pm on May 15th … the writing cue for your 200 words is ‘gutter beatle’. Then Sue George is going to take us through what we can learn from her favourite author. Really looking forward it.